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A solo exhibition by trevor reese

Curated by K. Tauches

August 15 - September 21, 2019

Opening Reception: Thursday, August 15, 6-9pm

Artist Talk: Saturday, September 21, 11am

Artist Trevor Reese transforms the Gallery with an immersive installation as he contemplates how contemporary culture commodifies objects, images, art, and design.

Searching for meaning in a world oversaturated by easily available – and not altogether reliable – data, the artist relies on interrelated associations and modes of presentations to generate his work.

On display are several exhibitions within one. Visitors first encounter a highly compromised photography exhibition. Disparate influences of Artificial Intelligence, manifestos, political ideology and lost persons inform the visitor’s next encounter: a sculptural mash-up of high art and IKEA-like furniture. A wide variety of materials are interspersed throughout the space, including but not limited to medical devices, elements from the periodic table, billboards, and even works made by artists close to Reese. Guiding texts accompany the sculptures and provide bits of clues – serious, humorous and empathetic – that reveal the information feeding the artist.

This philosophical exhibition aims to be a poetic commentary on our current state of affairs, one that is teeming with misleading headlines and overwhelming statistics. As we all question what is real or unreal, urgent or insignificant, Trevor Reese pulls images, objects, and words from a plenitude of sources reflecting these complicated times.

This exhibition is sponsored by an anonymous donor.

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White balance: A Solo exhibition by christina price washington

In conjunction with Atlanta Celebrates Photography

Curated by K. Tauches

Christina Price Washington's work transcends the mere physicality of a photograph or video in that she investigates image-making itself. This exhibition presents finely printed color photographs and a video installation that meticulously document changes in light and color throughout the day. Playing with the concept of "white balance," the artist refers to a common technical term involved in the process of taking a "photograph." Viewers will be amazed at the variety of colors that can be found within the plain, bright light of day.