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White balance: A Solo exhibition by christina price washington

Curated by Karen Tauches

In conjunction with Atlanta Celebrates Photography

September 26 - November 7

Opening Reception: Thursday, September 26, 6-9pm

Artist Talk: Saturday, November 2, 3pm

Christina Price Washington, known for her photographic abstractions and theoretical investigations, explores alternative interventions in light values, who determines them, and how they are mediated in contemporary printed methods. Her work transcends the mere physicality of a photograph in that she investigates the systems of image-making itself.

This exhibition presents finely printed photographs and photo-based print media that play with the concept of “white balance” within the traditions of photography. Proper camera white balance takes into account the “color temperature” of a light source, which refers to the relative warmth or coolness of white light.

In White Balance, Price Washington uses and interrogates specific and commonly accepted ways in which photography has historically evaluated color, lightness, and darkness. Such valuations were aesthetic decisions made in the early 20th century by pioneers of photography such as Ansel Adams, who developed the Zone System and incorporated the concept of “middle grey.” Working in between traditional black and white processes and the contemporary digital frontier, Price Washington creates photographs that document subtle tonal variations that can be found within the plain, bright light of day.

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Little Things

Curated by Marianne Lambert

November 14 - December 22

Opening Reception: Thursday, November 14, 6-9pm

Artists: Hannah Adair, Trish Andersen, Liz Anderson, Georgette Baker, Rose M Barron, Melissa Basham, Rita Bazinet, Ashley Benton, Mitchell Biggio, Mike Black, Susan Blackmon, Blockhead, April Borchelt, Honor Bowman Hall, Marc Brotherton, Maria Bruckman, Jaime Bull, Caroline Bullock, Jessica Caldas, Philip Carpenter, Andrew Catanese, In Kyoung Chun, Ryan Coleman, Eilis Crean, C. Dawn Davis, Timothy DeGroot, Coorain Devin, Manty Dey, William Downs, Helen Durant, Sarah Emerson, Sabre Esler, Amie Esslinger, Diana Flowers, Tim Flowers, Larkin Ford, Scott French, MaDora Frey, Rachel K. Garceau, Shanequa Gay, Jean Glenn, Gwen Gunter, Ana Guzman, Joe Hadden, Sanaz Haghani, Hayes Hamilton, Chad Hayward, Sarah Hobbs, Mo Jahangir, Calvin Jones, Michael Jones, Benjamin Jones, Miriam Karp, Charles Keiger, Diane Kempler, Beverly Key, María Korol, Phyllis Kravitz, Nuni Lee, Elizabeth Lide, Paul Light, Susan Loftin, Eric Mack, Yasharel Manzy, Bill Mayer, Larry Miller, Emma Ming Kayhart, Donna Mintz, Brett Andrew Miotti, Jiha Moon, Megan Mosholder, Eleanor Neal, Laura Noel, Yanique Norman, Jeffrey Wilcox Paclipan, Maryam Palizgir, Serena Perrone, Doug Pisik, Michael Porten, Aaron Kagan Putt, Seana Reilly, Nicolette Reim, Allison Rentz, LeeAnna Repass, Paul Rodecker, Lucha Rodriguez, Masa Sasaki, Suzy Schultz, Suzi Selman, Dianna Settles, Tracy Sharp, Matt Simmons, Erin Sledd, Whitney Stansell, Steve Steinman, Jordan Stubbs, Matthew Sugarman, Timothy Sullivan, Hannah Tarr, Sandy Teepen, Ashley Terpstra, Wesley Terpstra, Zipporah Camille Thompson, Julianne Trew, Lindsey Tucker, Gregor Turk, Karey Walter, Jim Waters, Mason Webb, Christian Bradley West, Daryl White, Martha Whittington, Pandra Williams, Andy Moon Wilson, Gwen Wong, Julia Woodman

Image: Ashley Terpstra, Birds in Flight, cut paper, 2019