Artist: Robert Chamberlin

Artist: Robert Chamberlin




curated by Karen Tauches

MAY 31 – AUGUST 10, 2018

OPENING RECEPTION:  Thursday, MAY 31, 6-9pm

The Summer Swan Invitational has been a popular annual exhibition at the Swan Coach House Gallery since 2011, selling art that is beautiful, usable and affordable. This year the exhibit has a new curator, Karen Tauches, who incorporates a few favorite participants from the past and adds some fresh, new blood.

“For this exhibition, I’ve selected works for sale which employ craft materials and/or aesthetics. Some are conceptual; others are not. Juxtaposing functional, trans-functional, and non-functional work from over 50 artists, I’m hoping to express how categories freely overlap from fine art to ceramics for everyday use--all of which are highly valuable in a world gone virtual,” said Tauches.  “Artists today do not fall neatly into categories. Traditionally, their artworks fit into either Art or Craft, Folk or Fine, Trained or Untrained. However, I think many works have elements of both or more. In this way, new 21st century hybrids will eventually transcend the old polarizing labels.”

There will be a small selection of Folk/Outsider Art from North Georgia. Main Street Gallery in Clayton, GA--which houses an impressive collection--has generously agreed to let the Swan Coach Gallery exhibit and sell some work.  Additionally, Tauches added a few artists found selling their work on the country highways.          

Artworks include: cups, plates, planters, pots, bowls, boxes, tapestries/stitchery, hanging work, glass, watercolor & collage on paper, found objects, sculpture, wood, and much more.

ARTISTS: Maddy  Barreto, Jennifer Bates, Jennifer Benson, Lillian Blades, Maria Bruckman, Zack Callaghan, Robert Chamberlin, Cameron Covert,  Boyce Covert, Martha  Cook, Anna Nelson Daniel, Crystal Desai, Peter Dietrich, Alice Elmo, Mark Errol, Juana Gnecco, Mary Gordon, MoonHee Kim, A. H., Brian Hitselberger, Mama Johnson, Tania Julian, Alex C. Kerr, Karine Lepage, Caroline Lathan Stiefel, Elizabeth Lide, Kathrin Mattox,Kimberly McWhorter, Ann Melton, Jiha Moon, Edie Morton, Juan Alberto Negroni, Kate Pak, Maryam Palizgir, Sara Santamaria, Sara Schindel, Vernon Smith, Kaleena Stasiak, Mike Stasny, Jordan Stubbs, Joanna Stecker Wilson, Lisa Tantillo, Jenifer Thoem, Zipporah Camille Thompson, Katie Troisi, Gregor Turk, Shelby  Wheeler, Barb Williams, Susie Winton, Ivana Vavakova, Tripti Yoganathan, Daniel Zimmerman

This exhibition is sponsored by Sarah Kennedy.



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curated by Marianne Lambert


OPENING RECEPTION: Thursday, August 16, 6:00 - 9:00 pm

ARTIST TALK: Saturday, August 18, 3:00 pm

MANDALA OF HOPE WORKSHOP: Thursday, August 23, 12:30-4:00 pm

RSVP: Call the Swan Coach House Gallery at 404-266-2636 or email gallery@swancoachhouse.com                                                             

This exhibition presents the ongoing work of artist Junco Sato Pollack and her Sky Cloud series and Kinhin series.  These two series are inspired by the Zen spiritual practice of Sutra chanting and internalized stitching as meditation. “I find the repetitive action of chanting and stitching to be a metaphor for the Sutras, Mantras, breath, life force, and meditation,” the artist says. She explains that when extended over time, stitch-by-stich and layer-by-layer, these actions transform into artwork depicting a complete universe, micro- and macro- energy fields, and the mindscape.

The resulting work reveals joyous, spontaneous and unaltered traces on textile substrates: that of mind-thought imprints; that of pure contemplation over time and space; and that of electro-magnetic energy mapping. It is her intention that the exhibition will invite contemplation and a still mind, as a Zen master might say, "as still water of a pond reflects the sun and the moon."   

Ms. Pollack invites the audience to participate in mandala stitching as a healing practice—both in a workshop setting and in the Gallery space itself. The stitched Mandala of Hope, an interactive public art installation, will be installed in the Gallery foyer. Throughout the duration of the exhibition, the audience is encouraged to contribute to the piece with their own stitchings. The evolution of the Mandala of Hope will be documented on DVD. 

This exhibition is sponsored by Nita Robinson and Robin Howell. 

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