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OPENING RECEPTION: Wednesday, September 26, 6-9pm

ARTIST TALK: Saturday, October 6, 3 - 4pm

The Swan Coach House Gallery is pleased to present a collaborative project by artist David Baerwalde and fashion photographer Alex Martinez in conjunction with Atlanta Celebrates Photography 2018.

Presented are altered photographs which have been torn, taped, and repaired after the removal of the original subjects. Martinez provides out-takes from his professional photo shoots, which are then printed for Baerwalde to work with in a collage-like manner. The two edit from the resulting new artworks. The best results are re-photographed and re-printed as minimal landscapes with mysterious disappearances and “cover-ups.” Nature is so often used as an attractive backdrop for models promoting products. Here, the artists attempt to recapture a certain lost beauty and idealism from before the commercial age.

Curated by Karen Tauches

This exhibition is sponsored by Renasant Bank

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NOVEMBER 15, 2018 - JANUARY 4, 2019

Artists: Lisa Alembik, Steven Anderson, Linda Armstrong, Maria Artemis, Rose Barron, Melissa Basham, Laura Bell, Scott Belville, Khalilah Birdsong, Margaret Boone, Eileen Braun, Lucinda Bunnen, Joe Camoosa, Angelyn Chandler, In Kyoung Chun, Jon Ciliberto, Susan Cipcic, Ryan Coleman, Ande Cook, Taylor Cox, Jerry Cullum, Lucy Currie, Elyse Defoor, Terri Dilling, Craig Drennen, Scott Eakin, Sarah Emerson, Sabre Esler, Amie Esslinger, Cynthia Farnell, PJ Floyd, Gail Foster, Steve Frenkel, Bojana Ginn, Eula Ginsburg, Ben Goldman, Barry Gregg, Gwen Gunter, Hayes Hamilton, Richard Harris, Dana Haugaard, Kris Hill, Roxane Hollosi, Tim Hunter, Anna Jensen, James Jernigan, Susan Ker-Seymer, Wihro Kim, Chase Wilson King, George Kroenert, Caroline Lambert, Judy Lampert, Jack Lawing, Michelle Laxalt, Lori Lejaune, Travis Lindquist, Susan Loftin, Pam Longobardi, George Long, Allison Luce, Alaina Lyle, Rob Matre, Bill Mayer, Erin McIntosh, Birgit McQueen, Katherine Mialkowski, Donna Mintz, Katherine Mitchell, Linda Mitchell, Dana Montlack, Paul Muldawer, Eleanor Neal, Barbara Olsen, Ann Otterness, Jeffrey Paclipan, Erin Palovick, Lainey Pappageorge, Judy Parady, Joe Peragine, Iman Person, Joy Ballard Peters, Junco Pollack, Elizabeth Porcel, Paige Prier, Tony Raffalovich, Adrina Richard, David Robinson, Paul Rodecker, Lucha Rodriguez, Stacie U Rose, Lisa Shinault, Laura Shull, Erin Sledd, Susan Starr, Ann Stewart, Richard Sudden, Tom Swanston, Katherine Taylor, John Tindel, Karen Tunnell, Lisa Tuttle, Vasil Vasilev, Igor Vavrosky, Aila Wartell, Catherine Wilmer, Stella Wissner, Jamele Wright, Sr.

Featured Image: Amie Esslinger

Curated by Marianne Lambert