JAN 10 – FEB 16, 2018
OPENING:  Wed, JAN 10, 6-9pm

Artists respond to a provisional city landscape. More accurate than a singular Historic “Reconstruction Period,” perhaps we should say we live with multiple and constant urban destructions and regenerations. ARTISTS: Joe Bigley, Evelyn Breit, Krista Clark, Derek Faust, Meta Gary, Katie Hargrave, Aaron Kagan Putt, Chakura Kineard, Spencer Maxwell, Rusty Miller, Trevor Reese, Martha Whittington, Zena Zakanycz

*Curated by Karen Tauches






FEB 22 – APR 06, 2018
OPENING:  Thu, FEB 22, 6-9pm
ARTIST TALK:  Sat, MAR 17, 3-5pm

Art is a visual language. Its aim: to communicate.  BEYONDWORDS explores how artists combine images and words to produce thoughts and feelings not generated by either alone. There is a space between the two that offers possibilities and inspiration to the artist where words are a catalyst for visual expression. Combining written text with images has a long history in art. This exhibition pushes the boundaries for viewers accustomed to finding meaning in visual images and for artists who use words as inspiration, commentary, design and poetic dialogue. ARTISTS: John Beadles, Jessica Caldas, Marcia Cohen, Bethany Collins, Craig Drennen Jason Francisco, Mary Stuart Hall, Ruth Laxson, Christine Mi Michael David Murphy, Sarah Nathaniel, Esteban Patino, Lesley Ann Price Lauri Stallings + glo, Karen Tauches, John Tindel, Larry Walker

*Guest Curator Hope Cohn